Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Can't blog. Too busy playing Pony Master.

That's not entirely true. I can't blog, and I am too busy to do so, but I'm not actually playing Pony Master, the collectible card game enjoyed by Sparkle Park in Ross Campbell's excellent Shadoweyes (the first volume of which the above image was taken from). In actuality I'm just a bit slammed at the moment, due to personal, not-comics-blogging-related stuff (although I should have at least one piece of comics-blogging related news to share in the near future). I had intended to post my usual installment of "DC Previews Reviewed" tonight, but it's taking a lot longer to put together than usual, given that DC decided to go ahead and relaunch almost their entire line. So hopefully I'll have that for you tomorrow night, and I'll get back on track from there. Thank you for your patience.

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Nick Ahlhelm said...

If anyone ever designs Pony Master, I will happily play it with you.