Friday, July 06, 2012

A comic book you can buy: The Mothman Comics

Oh dear Lord what is this thing here? Oh, nothing much, just the culmination of my lifelong fascination/obsession with The Mothman, the mysterious, red-eyed, winged creature that was the focus of a bizarre monster flap in West Virginia and parts of southern Ohio in 1966-1967, a creature best known for inspiring one of John Keel's books and for harassing Richard Gere.

My imaginatively entitled new mini-comic The Mothman Comics is a 23-page black and white (and red!) gag comic featuring short strips (between one- to five-pages in length) mostly extrapolated from the real reported sightings of the creature. I've printed a fairly limited number of copies (having learned my lessons regarding just how great demand is for paper comics written and illustrated by me last time), and if you would like to purchase one, I would be happy to sell you one.

To order a copy of The Mothman Comics, please send $3 cash, check or money order (Ha ha, no PayPal! Because I am an Old!) to:

Caleb Mozzocco
7950 Mentor Avenue B102
Mentor, Ohio 44060

Be sure to include your address, so I'll know who to mail it to. If you live in Canada, add one dollar, for a total of $4. If you live in any country other than the United States of America or Canada, holla at me via email and I'll, I don't know, take one to the post office, have it weighed and shipping guestimated, and then get back to you, I guess.

Now here is a two-page preview, because it is my understanding that previews on the Internet is how real comic publishers manage to sell so many of their comics:
So, um, yeah. It's eight more comics kinda like that. Order now, while supplies last!

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Akilles said...

Cool! Another comic book by you! Maybe I should buy this one...