Sunday, July 15, 2012

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So this week is San Diego Comic-Con International, and there were so many publishing announcements that I don't really feel up to sorting through them at the moment (at least, not here. So there won't be the regular Sunday evening links post (I've only got like three or four tidbits from pre-Con saved up, at this point); instead, I'll catch-up with a super-long links post next Sunday, and include only the con news and announcements I'm still excited about, interested in or befuddled by (Archie/Glee crossover, the history of characters, numbering and titles of Marvel's Hulk and Incredible Hulk books over the last three or four years, etc).

Come back later tonight for a trade paperback review though and, in the mean time, feel free to order your copy of The Mothman Comics, which you can keep on hand to pull out and read whenever I fail to post something and you need some emergency Caleb content.

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