Friday, November 02, 2012

Meanwhile, at ComicsAlliance...

Hey remember last week, when I linked to that review of Steve Weissman's excellent Barack Hussein Obama I wrote for Las Vegas Weekly...? Well, I had a lot of questions about how that comic strip got made, so I asked those questions to Weissman, and you can read his answers at ComicsAlliance today, in a piece with an extremely generous amount of preview pages from the book. You can read it here. The above strip is one of my favorites, featuring Sasha and Malia meeting Obama's evil overlord...or whatever.

And while I'm linking to things, I neglected to post an exhortation to go read my contribution to Robot 6 this week, so let me do that now: Here's a post on Ghosts, which features the late, great Joe Kubert's apparently very last work, and the first issue of his Joe Kubert Presents.

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