Sunday, November 25, 2012

Say, wait a minute...

In a dollar store today I noticed this package of The Amazing Spider-Man "lollipop rings" include three examples of that particular type of foodstuff; two of them are red, but one of them is blue.

But The Amazing Spider-Man wears a red mask, not a blue one! Why, the only person I can think of who wears a blue-colored Spider-Man mask like that would be Web-Man, the twin of Spider-Man's that Dr. Doom created in 1977's Spidey Super Stories #25, whom Doom affectionately refers to as "Webby"...!
(For more on Web-Man, please see ComicsAlliance's resident clone expert Chris Sims' classic Invincible Super-Blog posts on Spidey Super Stories #25 here, here and here.)

So does that mean Web-Man was in that Amazing Spider-Man movie that came out this past summer, which I still haven't seen, even though there's a DVD of it sitting right here on this end table, where it's sat all week? Man, I would have ponied up the cast to see it on the big screen if I knew The Lizard was going to be joined by Webby in opposing Spider-Man!

(Let me now take this opportunity to once again request that Marvel release Essential Spidey Super Stories ASAP: "Marvel, please collect and release a few volumes of Essential Spidey Super Stories.")


SallyP said...

Caleb, I am just so impressed that you would know this!

I sure as heck didn't!

d said...

It would be a much better use of your time to re-read any issue of Spidey Super Stories then watching that movie.

Caleb said...


Well, I only know it because of Sims. Comics blogging is educational!


Too late! I watched it last night! It was...weird. I really liked some bits of it, but overall it seemed sort of off and wrong and misguided in places. I'll review it in my next giant EVERYTHING ELSE post.