Saturday, February 09, 2013

I'm not the only one who sees this, am I...?

Here's Canteen Kate, one of the "good girls" that famed Good Girl artist Matt Baker drew:

Here's Lady Jaye, from the original 1985-1986 G.I. Joe cartoon series:


Lady Jaye:

Weird, huh?

Maybe Kate was Lady Jaye's mother, or aunt...?

The two characters aren't really anything at all alike except in appearance, and even then only from the waist up (Kate wore shorts and loafers all the time, rather than pants and boots, and the Hasbro toy and Marvel comics version of Lady Jaye didn't really look all that much like the cartoon version, but as someone who grew up watching G.I. Joe every day after grade school, it was really hard reading any Cartoon Kate comics and not thinking of Lady Jaye the whole time...

It makes me wonder if a character designer who worked on those cartoons was a Matt Baker fan, or if it was just born of a coincidence of more than one person liking the way an un-buttoned Marine green shirt looks on a buxom, short-haired brunette...

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