Thursday, February 14, 2013

The guest-stars of Wet Moon Vol. 4

So I was reading the latest volume of Ross Campbell's excellent (and highly recommended) college melodramedy set in a rather weird place where rather weird stuff occasionally occurs, just hanging out with my imaginary friends in the cast, when suddenly who should appear but Becky Cloonan...?!
She only appears during a single three-page sequence set at a comics convention, where comics fan (and closet Trekkie) Trilby, seen there with the awesome haircut and the barely-there Felicia-from-Darkstalkers costume.

The renowned comics creator isn't the only real-life guest-star to show up in this volume, though. Near the end, Glen is jogging to an alien ghost sleepover (Trilby's boyfriend's dorm room is haunted by the ghost of an alien, he says), when who should he see but...Hogzilla?!
He only appears in two panels in this volume, but I'm looking forward to the next volume, to see if there are more panels of "this giant fucking pig" or Becky Cloonan or all the hot, weird, cool-looking young people that make up Campbell's huge cast of wonderfully-drawn characters.

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Anonymous said...

There are also a couple of guest appearances by the main character of Water Baby from DC's false start Minx Line... But that one was prob'ly pretty easy to spot. :)