Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meanwhile, at Robot 6...

That's what teenage girls look like, right?

I mentioned them briefly here last night, but I have full reviews of Justice League of America #1 (from which the above panel is taken) and Justice League of America's Vibe #1, which you can read here. Tom "Grumpy Old Fan" Bondurant also reviewed that pair of books, along with the latest issue of Justice League, so if you'd like a second, kinder and better-informed opinion, I'd suggest you read his column too.


JohnF said...

There used to be something so guileless and charming about Stargirl's costume, back when she was drawn as a skinny little teenager of modest endowment.
Was anyone really clamoring for "44DD Stargirl?"
Don't answer that.

SallyP said...

Uh yeah. I was actually rather enjoying the book too, until that particular panel, when my mouth fell open in disbelief. I'm sure we'll be seeing that on Ami's Escher Girls blog.

I suppose that there ARE teenage girls that look that way...but Courtney wasn't one of them.