Friday, March 22, 2013

I call bull@#$%.

Normally, I'd call "bullshit", but, since 2008's Super Friends #3, which Capstone just reprinted as a hardcover and I just read, is a kids comic, I'll stick with "bull@#$%" instead.

The plot for this comic involves Felix Faust making magical finger puppets of the Super Friends, through which he can control their actions by issuing a direct command to them. So that means the Super Friends are forced to serve the evil wizard in his quest to gather the jar, bell and wheel and thus rule the world.

The Friends come up with a plan to stop him though.

They arrive at the dingy apartment Faust is using as a base of operations with the magical artifacts. Pay special attention to Wonder Woman in those panels, okay?
He looks at Superman and commands, "You--Superman! Tie up the Super Friends and lock them in my basement. To which Superman simply says, "No." Confounded by how Superman is resisting his magical commands, Faust argues with him, long enough that The Flash could remove his puppets at super-speed.

How was Superman resisting...?
They all dressed up as one another, of course! Now I'll buy Superman and Batman switching costumes, as the big, brawny, black-haired besties look pretty similar. I suppose I could even go with Batman fitting a life-like Superman mask on over his bat-cowl, or Flash a John Stewart mask over his cowl. And mmmaaaybe Wonder Woman could get away with dressing as Aquaman, if she had some kinda broad-shouldered, rubber-muscled man-suit on.

But Aquaman in a Wonder Woman costume? Look at that panel again—her waist, her hips, her ehourglass figure, her tiny neck and slim arms. That's Aquaman in a Wonder Woman costume...?



Speaking of Aquaman wearing a Wonder Woman costume, remember when Chris Samnee drew this, after Wondy's much publicized ditching of her costume in favor of the pants and jacket ensemble she wore during the short-lived, abandoned-by-its-own-writer J. Michael Straczynski run on the character...?


Akilles said...

Super scientific suit is my answer.

SallyP said...

It is not only a wonder bra, it has a wonder girdle as well!