Tuesday, June 02, 2015

I really like Kyle Baker.

I really like Charles Addams. And I really like Bizarro. I therefore really like this Kyle Baker-drawn homage to a particularly famous Charles Addams cartoon that is a variant cover for Bizarro #1, which will be released tomorrow.

Here's Addams' cartoon, if you're not familiar with it (or just want to see it right next to Baker's cover):

I might have personally preferred that Baker's cover replicate Addams' angle and staging more closely (and maybe be in black and white and horizontal; it is a variant after all), just to make the reference as clear as possible, but I like it a lot. Bizarro is a character that slots in perfectly well with that particular gag, even though the reason he's laughing while the rest of the audience is in tears differs from that of the Addams weirdo (who would eventually become Uncle Fester); Bizarro doesn't necessarily think human suffering or sadness are humorous because of what they are, but rather because laughing is the opposite reaction to the proper one.

Anyway, that's three great flavors in a single image. I sure hope the interiors can deliver on the promise of that cover.


Anonymous said...

Gustavo Duarte's a genius, and if the script is remotely in league with his artwork, this will be a phenomenal book. Me hate it already.

SallyP said...

It is a good cover...and a Charles Addams homage can only be a good thing.