Saturday, January 27, 2007

Meanwhile, in Omaha...

A feature I wrote on Impeach Bush!'s Bob Scott and Mike Leffel ran in this week's Reader. Go read it if you're hard up for something to read.

I actually had a nice, long interview with the pair with lots of interesting tidbits about the difficulties of political cartooning that I'd planned to post here at EDILW when the Reader feature finally ran, but when my last computer died a terrible death, it took that interveiw down with it.

I do remember Leffel saying he had a lot of trouble getting Rumsfeld right, which I found really odd, considering what a good Bush Leffel does.

Me, I've never been able to draw Bush to my own satisfaction, but I was able to draw a passable Rumsfeld fairly quickly. He may have been the shittiest secretary of defense to serve during my lifetime, but man, that crazy old mummy man had, like, the greatest facial structure ever.

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