Thursday, September 12, 2013


Don't worry kids; that's not your pal Superman freebasing ground-up Kryptonite, it's his evil opposite from an alternate dimension, Ultraman. You don't' wanna be a bad guy like Ultraman, do you? No? Then just say "no." 
Last Wednesday, DC debuted their Forever Evil series and, not coincidentally, on Monday ComicsAlliance debuted their Assessor Evil series of recap features covering the big event book. Do check it out; it even comes with a 3D motion logo! Collect them all!

One of the results of the events of that series was, of course, that DC decided to hand over all 52 slots in their New 52 line to villains as part of their Villains Month promotion. I've reviewed almost all of 'em in my "Crisis on Earth-3D!" feature at Robot 6 so far. Monday I covered 11 of the 13 released during the first week of September, and today I covered all 13 of week two's books.

And, finally, I did write about at least one comic that didn't have anything at all to do with DC Comics villains this week: I interviewed writer/artist Tony Cliff about his Delilah Dirk and The Turkish Lieutenant for Good Comics For Kids.


JohnF said...

I don't know if it's just me, but I don't feel like any of these stories in the New52 "count," if that makes any sense. I realize that none of them really count, but there's something especially inconsequential about all of this garbage. DC done as Image Comics is just not my thing.
Just waiting patiently for the next reboot.

FierceFeline said...

JohnF, you just put what I feel into words! I din realised that subconsciously I was feeling the same thing till I read your post. New52 really is crap. None of the Superheroes are 'heroic' and role-models anymore. I too am waiting for the reboot.

Teresa said...

Great observation John. The all feels temporary, treading water.

The new Superman reads like one of those 90s homage copies.

SallyP said...

Very well said. DC is garnering a ton of's just that most of it is bad.

And the new 52 universe really does seem pretty inconsequential. I don't know if they are going to eventually go back to the REAL universe, but in the meantime, it is hard to care.

Rich said...

I wish, wish, wish that IDENTITY CRISIS had been a failure instead of setting the tone for 21st century DC. There have certainly been books I like, mostly by Morrison, Simone, and Rucka, but most of their output I just ignore--especially since the launch of the New 52. The last book standing for me is Lemire's ANIMAL MAN. I will leave it when he does.