Saturday, March 03, 2007

Batman and Robin aren't gay...

...they just cant' help acting like it, I guess.

I know making fun of superherodom's greatest crimefighting team for being a couple is a popular pastime of the Internet, but I've never really seen anything to it.

Yeah, Batman dresses up in a pervy bat-suit and hangs out with a boy in panties, but the fact that they hang out in masks and tights and engage in quite a bit of male bonding doesn't make them any gayer than any other superheroes, does it?

I've never seen anything to suggest their relationship is any different than that of any other superhero and sidekick, or millionaire playboy and his ward.

I mean, if you want to see gayness in old Batman comics, I'm sure you'll find what you want to see, but aren't you just coloring your reading with your own prejudices?

Okay, yes, Robin refers to the dissolution of their partnership here as a "break-up," but that doesn't mean anything. It was 1942; slang terms and word meanings change over the course of sixty-odd years.

And that giant, weird-ass portrait at Wayne manor, of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson staring deeply int one another's eyes? Yeah, it's pretty creepy, but it's not necessarily gay, is it?

Oh, come on! I'm trying to defend you guys here! What the hell is this? You're alone on a rowboat in a pond in the the middle of the night?! How is that not a date?!


Harris said...

I just want to know what Bruce Wayne means when he says, "Grab one of these oars."

Joe said...

It's pretty much common knowledge that most major metropolitan areas are protected by gay men. It makes me feel safe at night.

Anonymous said...


Îșidmenu said...

Hahah Amused!