Thursday, March 08, 2007

March 8th's Meanwhile in Las Vegas...

This week’s Las Vegas Weekly column features a review of Frank Miller and Lynn Varley’s 300 graphic novel, and another of Inubaka: Crazy For Dogs Vol. 1.

One of those two comics has recently been adapted into a live action feature film; read the column to find out which one!

And while you're at the LVW site, you may be interested in reading film critic Josh Bell's review of 300. I think I enjoyed the adaptation more than he did, but his points are all spot on, and he makes them considerably more concisely then I do in my review, which I'll post a link to tomorrow or so.

—Elsewhere in the world, I hear that Captain America totally got shot. Have you heard about this yet? No?

The mainstream media has been positively abuzz about it, while the sound coming from people who actually read comics has been les of a buzzing and more like a mix between a sigh and the sound a shrug makes. Tom Spurgeon has one of the better posts on the subject, while Mike Sterling has the other one.

—Finally, some good news. According to, not only is Darwyn Cooke's The Spirit #1 officially sold out, but, in even better news, a future issue of the stellar series will feature the work of Plasitc Man writer/artist Kyle Baker.

Which means we're one step closer to something like this happening:

Come on DC, make it happen!

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