Thursday, January 24, 2008

January 24th's Meanwhile in Las Vegas...

This week's Las Vegas Weekly comics review is of Tokyopop's Manga Sutra Vol. 1 by Katsu Aki. Click on over to check it out. I liked it quite a bit, but aside from the book being a good read, I find it an extremely interesting type of book, unlike any other graphic novel I've read so far. And that's always a good thing.

And while I'm linking to things, my fellow Best Shots @ contributor Lucas Siegel announced earlier in the week that the Shots In The Dark forum is new and improved, and has a few creator forums up and running, including ones for Bump creator Mark Kidwell, Return to Wonderland writer Raven Gregory, and Marvel colorist Christina Strain. Lucas guarantees that "it's a nice, chill place to chat with people who aren't douchebags," so check that out. Additionally, Best Shots mastermind Troy Brownfield's Shotgun Reviews also has a forum, which is a good place to engage the Best Shots critics and tell them what a bunch of jerks they are for not liking the comics you like and disliking the comics you dislike.

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