Saturday, January 12, 2008

"The Most Reviled Comic of The Year!"

According to Diamond's latest shipping information, this Wednesday will bring the release of a second printing of Ultimates 3 #1, which apparently sold out of its first printing because Marvel underestimated the demand for the book (necessitating the second printing).

I wonder if it will have a blurb on the new cover or not? Let's see what Marvel has to work with, in terms of what the critics are saying, for future blurbing purposes...

"I can't imagine—do not want to imagine—the hypothetical audience who would actually want to read this."

—Tim O’Neill, The Hurting

"This is the ugliest comic I've read in some time.”

—Dick Hyacinth, Dick Hates Your Blog

“Weird and desperate even by Jeph Loeb's current storytelling standards…True CRAP, and an embarrassment to everyone involved.”

—Jeff Lester, The Savage Critics

"It’s terrible stuff, so bad that it makes Mark Millar’s first 24 issues seem like the second coming of Christ the Comics Writer. The art is just as hideous as possible, and in some cases, Madureira even stretches the boundary of that description."

—Tucker Stone, "Comics of the Weak" at The Factual Opinion

"It’s like a worst of the ‘90s tour."

—Troy Brownfield, "Best Shots" at

“Ultimates Volume 3. Let’s all pretend it doesn’t exist. Maybe we can wish it out of existence.”

—Richard Bruton, Propaganda at Forbidden Planet International

"Ultimates 3 is bad, very bad. I'd go so far as to say it's shockingly incompetent...I read this thing, and then I sat there in silent disbelief. "

—Paul O'Brien, The X-Axis


—Hannibal Tatu, “The Buy Pile” at


—Zak Edwards, The Comic Book Bin


—Don MacPherson, Eye on Comics


Mike Lorah said...

"At least it's not One More Day."
-Michael C Lorah

mordicai said...

i'm with mike. of the year? sorry, there is plenty of OFFENSIVE stuff this year; ultimates 3 is like countdown. bad-- really bad. okay, ultimates 3 is EVEN WORSE than countdown. but it is something you can just...not buy, no skin off your nose.

John Foley said...

I think Ultimate Power was much worse. Ultimates 3 was only one issue. Besides, with Joe Mad on the art chores, we'll probably be spared another issue until sometime in 2009.

Chance said...

How much did those bastards at Marvel pay Zak Edwards for that coveted 4/10 score?

Anonymous said...

I think the art isn't so bad in the "if time and space were unstable and everything was in a state of vertigo" sense. His draftmanship is generally decent. In the picture in which Black Panther is punching Venom, white out Venom and the background and it's a rather nice Black Panther pinup.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, gotta agree with Mike Lorah.

Ultimates 3 is merely a bad comic. OMD is bad *for* comics.

Mike Lorah said...

Hey, don't interpret my smart-ass-ness as a serious commentary. I haven't read either book, nor do I intend to read either book.

I'd probably find the supposed piss-poor execution just as revolting as the alleged ham-fisted editorial-mandated revisionism of OMD.

Mike Lorah said...

That is to say:

Piss-poor execution "of Ultimates 3"...

Tracer Bullet said...

I bought it. I read it. I didn't absolutely despise it. But I ain't buying it again. I don't know what I disliked more: the oh-so-bleeding-edge online sex tape, the squidgy incest subplot, Hawkeye reborn as Bullseye (or more accurately, Pennance), the pointless (apparent) murder of Scarlet Witch or the not-so subtle red herring of the newly bloodthirsty Hawkeye as the killer? Feh.