Monday, November 02, 2009

Ivan Reis' Scarecrow

Last Wednesday's Blackest Night #4 featured a five-panel appearance by one of my favorite comic book characters, The Scarecrow:
Geoff Johns must be rather fond of the character too, as he gave him a similar cameo in his last big ring-related cross-over story, "The Sinestro Corps War" as well. I discussed my affection for the Scarecrow at probably way-too great length at the beginning of 2007's Scarecrow Week, but if you weren't reading back then, I'll simply restate that one of the things I like so much about the character is how visually versatile he is.

Like Batman himself, The Scarecrow can look completely different from artist to artist, and yet still look "right." Because his costume is simply a homemade scarecrow costume, there's virtually no wrong way to draw him, and artists therefore have a pretty free hand when it comes to putting this classic Batman villain down on paper.

Anyway, that's Reis' version above.

What do you guys think? I'm not terribly fond of it, myself. It looks a little too much like a realistic version of the the later Batman: The Animated Series costume...and are those tennis shoes on his feet? That's the least scary type of footwear of all!

I do like seeing Black Lantern Azrael trying to scare him by saying "Rraarrrr!" like a little kid making a dinosaur roar, though. And the "Aiiieee" scream in the last panel. Does anyone ever scream "Aiiieee" outside of a comic book...?


Anonymous said...

I love everything Ivan Reis has been drawing as of late. Would definitely like to see him drawing more Scarecrow.

jason quinones said...

they kinda look like big work boots to me. i like to see a mike mignola version of scarecrow. not sure if he's ever drawn that batman character.

Hdefined said...

"Does anyone ever scream "Aiiieee" outside of a comic book...?"

Lots of people. They're not pronouncing the "a" as an "a," and they're not pronouncing the "i" as in "ice cream," or at least not lingering on it. It's just a transition to the "ee" sound, but growing to the highest pitch rather than starting on it.

Did I really have to explain that?

EDP said...

That version of Scarecrow completely creeped me out, and I mean that as a compliment. For the record, I have typed "Aiieeee!" in many an e-mail.

Jeff said...

I don't mind the tennis shoes. I imagine he has several pair of shoes, much like us. He just happened to be wearing the easiest ones to run in.

Drew said...

i like the lego batman version, he looks good and crazy