Sunday, May 15, 2011

I finally found an artist who can almost make me like Batman's new costume

A couple days ago, DC released the above cover on their Source blog. At first I thought it was from Art Adams, perhaps because the cover reminded me of a house ad he drew for Showcase '93, and then I thought it was Frank Quitely. It's actually from Chris Burnham, and it marks the very first time I've seen Batman's newcostume on the cover of a comic book and thought it didn't look all that bad after all (Well, I liked Dennis Culver's drawing of the trunk-less, cup-on-the-outside Batman costume too, but that wasn't an "official," paid-for-by-DC drawing of it).

I haven't read Burnham's interiors yet, but from what I've seen so far, I kind of hope DC handcuffs him to Grant Morrison. Or perhaps shackles his ankle to Grant Morrison's ankle, so the creators will have their hands free to type and draw with.


Nitz the Bloody said...

I don't like the huge ashtray on his chest, but the rest of the new costume is fine with me. Reminds me of the Arkham Asylum game's Batsuit.

Laplace Zombie said...

The more Batmen the merrier. I loved this cover at first sight. Fnu issue too, I think this is the first one in which we've seen the whole scope of Batman Inc.