Saturday, May 27, 2006

In the beginning...

In the beginning, there was the word. Well, words. These words, to be specific: "In the beginning." Those were the first words. Right there. See?

Welcome to my first, stumbling steps at this new-fangled "web-logging" things all the kids--with their baggy pants, and their myspace.coms, and their rock 'n' roll music--are doing these days. For a journalist and freelance writer, I understand it's just like publishing your own personal magazine or newspaper, only without any of those outrageous printing costs. That, and the fact that no one reads it.

A few notes on the name of the site and what will be done here:

It's called "Every Day Is Like Wednesday," sung to the tune of Morrissey's "Every Day is Like Sunday." That's because Wednesdays, as you're well aware, are when new comic books are released, and are hence the happiest of the seven days of the week for those of us who look forward to the site of a wall full of new comics, the sound of tape peeling off a mylar bag, the smell of freshly printed ink on paper, the feel of 22 pages of staple paper lying across our laps and the brief hours of escapism that comic books provide the way some people look forward to crawling into bed with their lover after a long day's work or being admitted to the Kingdom of Heaven for an eternity of paradise after a long life's living (What, is it just me?). Every day is, sadly, not like Wednesday (and I suppose Wednesday wouldn't even fell like Wednesday if every day were), of course, and thus the title of this page is simply wishful thinking. No, I'm afraid every day remains more like Sunday (slient and gray...I mean, "grey." He's British).

The site will be a repository for much of my comics writing that I can't find a home for because a) no official venue exists that it would fit at or b) no one wanted to pay me for it. In that regard, I guess that just makes this a dumping ground for my stories that no one else wanted to publish. Putting them here at least will make me feel like I wasn't completely wasting my time on them. The site will feature regular, rotating, um, features which will all be self-explanatory, but which I'll now go ahead and explain anyway.

Every Wednesday night I'll publish a "Weekly Haul," which will be a long (too long) list of mini-reviews of everything new that week. The rest of the week you can find "Delayed Reaction" reviews of books that have been out for near forever that I just never got around to reading previously; "Dream Trades," in which I do tradepaperback editors' jobs for them; "Recomended Reading" lists of timely suggestions (Coming soon: X-Men Comics For People Who Hate X-Men Comics; "Who The @#$% Was That?" offering explanations of the obscure characters popping up in DC and Marvel Universe cross-overs (which are all the rage these days) and more random things. Expect more in the way of interviews when I get my cyberspace legs, and more in the way of art and visuals when I figure out where to plug my pen into this confounded computing machine.

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Anonymous said...

Aww Caleb - I always wondered if the title of your blog was sung to "Everyday is Like Sunday" by Morrissey! Now, whenever I listed to the 10,000 Maniacs cover I shall think of crudely drawn super heroes stealing each others clothing!