Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PSA: Great comics-related job available in Columbus

The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum (formerly the Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library) is hiring an associate curator. The qualified candidate will need an MLS (or equivalent) or a Master's degree-specialization in archives or museum studies, experience in processing special and archival collections, "extensive and current knowledge of practices relating to the identification, access, control, organization and digitization of visual materials," knowledge and experience of the history of graphic arts, especially printed cartoon art, and the ability to lift 40 pounds.

I've long longed to work there in some capacity, as the institution combines two of my three career focuses (writing, comics, libraries), but sadly I'm only qualified in the knowledge of cartoon and ability to lift 40 pounds departments.

If you're more qualified and looking for a good gig somewhere, you may want to look into this. If you're not from or anywhere near Columbus, Ohio, I heartily endorse it as a surprisingly comics-friendly city. Certainly for the Midwest, where it's maybe second only to Chicago.


Anthony Strand said...

That is absolutely my dream job.

I need to apply.

Caleb said...

Yeah, apply! And if you get the job, and if this is the first place you learned about it's existence, then I think you'll owe me fifty-cents out of every pay check. Good luck!