Thursday, September 24, 2009

Looking for content? Perhaps you'll find some here:

—Kevin Cannon, the brilliant cartoonist responsible for the rollicking adventures Far Arden, made a fairly bizarre comic in the shape of a fully functional pine wood derby car, apparently for a pine wood derby art car show at a Minneapolis Gallery. Top Shelf 2.0 has scans of the strip, which you can read here. It's called "A Time to Thrill," and it's about a mad scientist and his plot to kill the woman he once loved. A rabbit, a turtle, a magic car and two robots are involved.

—Some day I will learn that I don't actually have to type out and post every single thought I have about comics while sitting in front of my laptop, but until that day comes, I'll probably keep cranking out posts like this one, a 3,600-word post (?!) about how I liked Wednesday Comics and what I thought of each of the stories within, now that they're complete.

—If you like the Justice League and Plastic Man as much as I do, you might find this six-page preview of James Robinson and Mark Bagley's upcoming JLoA run (featuring Plas!) of interest. It's basically just Despero, now having grown a back-fin as well as a head-fin (kinda like humans do with hair, I guess), beating the stuffing out of whatever Justice Leaguers are hanging around. Things look grim for Gypsy (?) and Plas, who says Prometheus did something to him.

Soooooooo I guess their JLoA run, which starts next month, is set after the end of Robinson's Justice League: Cry For Justice series, in which Prometheus is apparently the main bad guy? (Well, of course it is; all of JLoA has been since, like, last spring, when there was that stupid little box saying that one of the issues was set after Cry For, which hadn't even begun yet). But what's weird is that the fifth issue of Cry For comes out in November, and as was pointed out to me, the sixth issue is missing from the December's solicitations. So that means the seven-part Cry For can't possibly wrap up any earlier than February of next year. Jeez. Maybe they should just publish a prose synopsis of that series in the back of the next issue of JLoA and just forget about even finishing Cry For at this point, huh?

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