Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The most important comics publishing news in the history of ever

This afternoon I finished drawing the inside front cover of the comic book I've been writing and drawing off and on for the last...oh, eight years now (Although it looks like it was hurriedly done over a weekend; about seven and a half of those years were probably spent on procrastination). That was the very last page I had to finish, so now the book is completely complete. Now all I've got to do is scan it, send it to the publishers and then start begging you guys to give me some money for a copy of it! Hooray!

Unfortunately, I just realized that counting the front and back covers and inside front cover, it's actually twenty-nine pages long, instead of the necessary twenty-eight, so I'm either going to have to cut the one-page epilogue, the back cover (and print the epilogue where the back cover would have been) or the inside front cover. None of which is a necessarily terrible loss or anything, but it sure sucks to have to decide to axe something after all that work, due to a simple counting/math error.

The lesson? Stay in school, kids! Study hard!

Anyway, details and an interminable amount of self-hype to follow in...a couple months, maybe...? In the mean time, start saving your dimes!

(Above: Panel three, and parts of panel five and six. See that house? I totally drew that house like five years ago)


censustaker said...

Congrats! I'll (probably) buy a copy ;)

Ah math, it can be tricky. If it maskes you feel any better, as an accoutnant I've seen people make similar very minor mistakes that have cost them alot more!

Anonymous said...

Caleb, two words: Text Pages.

Kid Kyoto said...


On page count I had that happen to me once at work, why not just add 3 pages of text, ads, previews or whatever and take it up to 32?

Tony said...

Hey, awesome! Dara's got a big scanner he'd probably let you use.