Thursday, September 17, 2009

So who wants to hear me talk about the latest Justice League line-up at (probably way too) great length?

If you do, I have a piece up on Blog@Newsarama responding to the above ad, which appeared in at least one DC book this week. You can read it here.


Dean said...

Robinson and Bagley are a good match. In contrast, the line-up is terrible.

Josue said...

I have never understood why so many green lanterns in the DCU

Robert Repici said...
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Aaron Strange said...

Pretty good stuff! But to me, personality should be as important a criterion as power or iconicity. That's what made Kirby's teams work, going aaaall the way back to the Newsboys!

Who's the leader? his/her lieutenant? the tough-as-nails sergeant? The leader's competition? the specialist? The hothead, the egghead, the lunkhead? the veteran & the rookie, the populist & the elitist?

Your thoughts?

- a longtime lurker

Michael said...

Robinson's lineup suffers from being just too darn Titans heavy. Cyborg, Starfire, Wonder Girl & Nightwing in the JLA? It reminds of an X-men annual where the New Mutants took over. But when most of the A-list characters are tied by editorial fiat to special events, you have to put somebody in the other books they're selling.

I like your analysis of who & how for building the JLA and "Who would your team be?" is a time-honored game.

The League I'd love to read (or write)? A mix of big names, picks from different eras, power sets, interesting personalilites and visuals.

Batman. The (arguably) most recognizable & popular character in comics needs to be in the most popular and most recognizable team.

Wonder Woman. Same goes for Diana. She needs to have a high profile gig if DC's going to insist that she's part of the "trinity". She's also the biggest name female character in comics and should be in on the action more than she is.

Aquaman. Back in the orange shirt, with his classic look and powers and find a balance between the new cartoon version and the classic Jim Aparo era characterization. Put Aquaman front and center, make him a bad-ass in and out of the water, and forever put the jokes about him in the past.

Captain Marvel. The Big Red Cheese offers some different storytelling possibilities that Superman doesn't. Plus, it'll allow you to feature Captain Marvel in a book and not be forced to put "Shazam" on the cover.

Flash. Wally, because of his JLU exposure and Barry likely getting the "Flash" book.

Hawkman. He represents the satellite era well and you need a conservative voice.

Green Arrow. So Hawkman has someone to argue with. Sometimes it is that simple.

Blue Beetle. Ted Kord represents the JLI era. He's funny, can handle the science stuff, or work in a support capacity if the book is feeling crowded.

Black Canary. Another female voice. Also, sometimes you need someone to stop Katar from sucker punching Ollie, even if it's only so she can do it herself.

Plastic Man. My favorite stretchy guy. Plus, he brings the crazy.

John Constantine. What? Yep. I'd use him the same way the Phantom Stranger was used in the 70s. He's the occasional deux ex machina or, more accurately, bastard ex machina.

Matt said...

You have inspired some angsty comments from some people who take their JLA way too personally.

Kid Kyoto said...

Ouch! some harsh comments there. I knew there was a reason I never joined that site.