Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 10's Weekly Haul, in a different format and at a different place

If you're looking for my weekly Weekly Haul feature reviewing my weekly purchases, I'm afraid you won't find one this week. Instead, I thought I'd try liveblogging my reading of the (few) superhero books I bought this week at Blog@Newsarama, thus fulfilling my daily post obligation and allowing me to read my new comics ASAP instead of trying to think of something intelligent to say about Paul Levitz or whatever. You can read the results here. If you totally hate it, don't worry. The feature will be here and in it's normal format next week.

1 comment:

Hdefined said...

This isn't specifically about you, Caleb, but I find live blogging so useless when it's about anything that isn't, you know, LIVE.

Live blogging about a debate makes some sense, because the blogger is responding to each point as it's addressed.

But live blogging about something that's already printed, that can be read at any pace and in any order? It's grossly self-indulgent, as if there's some special about a blogger's choice of reading order that needs to be emphasized.

It's like handing out 3D glasses to a movie that isn't in 3D.