Tuesday, January 05, 2010

How am I supposed to read this comic when all the characters keep shouting at me?!

It-- It is? Did I say that? How did Batgirl hear me...?

Okay if you say so Batgirl, but-- Wait, what?

Superman?! Grab hold to what--? Wh-- Buh-- Can you guys see me out here or what?! AAAaaaaaa!!

(Superman, Batgirl and Caleb—a fat, bald, bearded gold prospecting/hobo type in a tuxedo and cummerbund—face the awesome bird-headed villainy of Dr. Horus and his interdimensional, evil-emanating house in DC Comics Presents #19 by Denny O'Neil, Joe Staton and F. Chiaramonte, which is handily collected in Showcase Presents: DC Comics Presents—The Superman Team-Ups Vol. 1, which I promise to quit blogging about, since three posts in as many days is probably kind of pushing it, huh?)


Randal said...

So they got the fat, bearded, hobo-type look wrong, but we all know damn well you're a bald, tuxedo wearing gold prospector.

James Figueiredo said...

I just bought this book, and let me say that if it was up to me you'd be doing posts on it for about a whole more week, man!

Also, I so wanted the Superman/Batgirl team-up to have been drawn by Garcia-Lopez, but alas...