Saturday, January 02, 2010

Note to self: Always read the rules before entering a contest

Invincible Super-Blogger Chris Sims is hosting his fourth annual 30 Second Recap Contest, the premise of which is probably pretty self-explanatory (If you haven't read Sims' previous recaps, make sure you click to that link and see his crayon versions of Infinite Crisis, Civil War, Secret Invasion and, um, Bring It On. Each is an improvement over the original, save Bring It On, which could not be improved upon).

I was so excited to contribute that I stopped reading his post about midway through, and thus never quite digested the fourth and final rule about how the "only restriction is that it can’t be a story that hasn’t finished yet."

And thus I tried doing one for a story that hasn't actually ended, Justice League: Cry For Justice. I figured I'd go ahead and post it here anyway though, since I literally spent minutes on it, and would hate to just have all that hard work go to waste.

So here. Click to enlargen.

My usual method of art (or should I say "art" in quotes?) is probably rough enough, but for extra shoddiness I tried this on a sheet of lined notebook paper, folded into eights to form panels. And instead of drawing in pencil and finishing in pen, I skipped the pencil part and went right to pen so, um, well, that's how my first drafts generally look. I wish I had a box of crayons instead of colored pencils—I think Cyborg's suit would look better in silver crayon than gray colored pencils.

Anyway, that's my, "Oops, probably should have read the rules more closely" non-entry. I'll post an actual, regulation recap comic in a few minutes.


SallyP said...

And you've done a wonderful job.

Jeff said...

Brilliant! That's just about verbatim, I believe.

Kid Kyoto said...

Why did the Atom kill you?

Tomas said...

Presumably because he is the embodyment of compassion...