Monday, January 25, 2010

Some random links

2009 SPACE Prize winners announced: Each year at Columbus' own Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE to its friends), founder and organizer Bob Corby collects submissions from exhibitors to honor some of the most exceptional works, with cash and plaques. Who won the 2009 prizes? Find out by clicking here. If you disagree with the results of the general category and want to know who to blame for such terrible choices, you can blame me (in part). I was one of the judges for that category this year (although the prizes are awarded Dancing With the Stars-style, with voting by the other participants counting for half of the score.

The 2010 is April 24 and 25 this year, so save the date if you haven't already.

WOW.: Spotted at Robot 6 earlier today, a link to Nerd City, where you'll find three images of God himself as drawn by Jack Kirby himself. I can't stop thinking about what a The Book of Genesis Illustrated-like project by Jack Kirby might have looked like.

Boom Studios announces...something: Earlier today I received an email from Boom Studios with the subject line "BOOM! Announces..." and the contents of the message were simply the above image, which looks an awful lot like Sam Jackson wearing a funny costume and holding a gun.
What project is this teaser image teasing?

Well, it can't be an Ultimate Nick Fury or Mace Windu comic, since Marvel and Dark Horse publish those based-on-Samuel L. Jackson's-likeness projects. J.K. Parkin at Robot 6 scoured Jackson's IMDb page, but couldn't find anything that sounds reasonable (I'd totally buy a comic featuring his character from Deep Blue Sea fighting his way out of that shark's stomach and swearing to hunt down all of the intelligent super-sharks for revenge).

So I guess I'll just have to guess.



...I'm going to go with Black Tesla, the story of how visionary super-scientist Nikola Black, AKA The Black Tesla must recover the stolen magical alternating current light bulbs that the evil Thomas Edison stole from his lab, and screw them back into his shoulder pads to restore his lightning powers before Edison can tap into the earth's harmonic field and destroy the world.

Am I close?

One day, all of my favorite musical acts will have collections of comics based on their works: First Belle and Sebastian, then Tori Amos, and now The Magnetic Fields. Well, blog How Fucking Romantic is doing it online instead of in a paper comics collection, but still—pretty cool. Check out these comics adaptations of 69 Love Songs by "a loose collection of mostly London-based comic-artists, illustrators and writers, who have grown up listening to the Magnetic Fields and got together over a mutual love of the songs." (Grew up on? Why, 69 Love Songs just came out in...1999? Eleven years ago?! Jesus, I'm old!). I feel kinda...weird reading some of these, and I'm not entirely sure if the songs translate all that well to a comics format, given the virtues of this particular concept album is the amazing versatility of the musical styles and instruments employed, and the way Stephen Merrit emotes or even pronounces some of the lyrics can lend different meanings to the words he's singing. But whatever; I love comics, and I love this album, and anything that brings fans of one to the other is a good thing in my book.

Nancy and Sluggo at COSI...?: I enjoyed this story from Sparkle Comics #4, which The Big Blog of Kids' Comics posted, and Tom Spurgeon and a few others have since linked to.


jason quinones said...

thanks for that kirby link. visually stunning work from The Man.

artistically cool but as for the sam jackson look a like...not so stunning. the sam jackson = tough mofo equation lost it's luster a long time ago (in a galaxy far far away.)

Tony said...

Speaking of SPACE prizes, Panel's own Craig Bogart got a bronze for The Ineffables. Check it out at

If you have ever wanted to see a living Easter Island totem battle a Confederate superman alongside Abraham Lincoln, this is for you.