Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Frank Miller's Krypto pun

I saw a link to this neat Frank Miller drawing at The Beat today and included it in my thrice-weekly linkblogging for Blog@Newsarama, but I wanted to stick it here too, where it will be easier for me to find in the future.

And if is place you visit as infrequently as me, you may want to check out some of the previous posts, including another drawing of a dinosaur eating someone (coupled with his cover for IDW's Jurassic Park #1, I think there's nothing I'd like to read so much at the moment than a Frank Miller dinosaur comic; if his Holy Terror, Batman! project with DC morphed in to something else, maybe he can do a Batman: The Dark Knight Totally Fights Some Dinosaurs book for them instead...?), and a nice Frank Miller vs. Neal Adams story.


Randal said...

Hey, speaking of Jurassic ungoldy amateurish is the art in that title?!?

Phillip said...

It's funny how many commenters at frankmillerink don't get the joke at all.

Diabolu Frank said...

Damn it! I looked at that picture for a while, trying to figure out what cryptic image was hidden within. Then I followed the link for a facepalm.