Monday, November 22, 2010

Coming Soon:

One (1) of you requested more Mothman when I return from my brief, couple-day hiatus, and I've got good news for that one (1) reader.

My next self-published comic book, following My Pet Halfling (of which many, many, many copies are still available, so, for the love of God, order a copy already, huh?), is the prosaically-titled The Mothman (Rejected titles? The Mothman Funnies, Mothman Comics, Mothman Land).

As regular readers probably noticed, at one point over this past summer I became slightly obsessed with the Mothman, and, after sketching him/it for a while, I spent about a month writing and drawing a mini-comic featuring the Mothman.

It's going to be a 28-page, black and white (and a little bit of red, for the eyes) book consisting of short gag strips based on historic Mothman sightings. It's almost completely complete—I just need to finish up a little pre-production (scanning, etc) and then get it to the printer. Details on ordering a copy will hopefully follow pretty soon. In the mean time, that's the cover above and hey, why not order a copy of My Pet Halfling while you're waiting...?

And that ends tonight's commercial message. Actual content returns tomorrow night.


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Let me add my voice to the desire for more Mothman-related content