Friday, November 12, 2010

Meanwhile, at Blog@Newsarama...

I have reviews of two Papercutz graphic novels with very, very long titles, Nancy Drew, The New Case Files: Vampire Slayer, Part One and The Hardy Boys, The New Case Files: Crawling With Zombies, up at today. If you're looking for new Caleb-created content, you can go read the piece.

And on the subject of looking Caleb-created content, sorry if it seems that this supposedly daily comics blog has turned into an every-other-daily comics blog this past week. I've had a pretty busy week, and the next one looks like it's going to be even busier, so if it looks like I'm missing more of the artificial deadlines I set for myself on this blog, don't despair—it's just temporary.

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Kid Kyoto said...

So Nancy and the Hardys are fighting Vampires and zombies now... Oh well. Gotta be better than the time in the 80s when the Hardys got SMGs and hunted terrorists.