Monday, March 05, 2012

Breaking: New Captain Marvel is...

DC revealed the new look of Captain Marvel, who is now to be called Shazam, in today's issue of The New York Post, the comics medium's paper of record (If you click over to their website now, it's the seventh story on the left-hand side of the page, just scroll past the story about Kim Kardashian's wedding and Whitney's secret Jermaine Jackson affair...and the story about Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks denying that supposed nude pics of them on the Internet are of them and the story about someone who looks like Madonna named "Madge"...and the one about Chrstine Brinkley's divorce and Lindsay Lohan's dinner...There is is!)

He looks dark and angry and like he's trying too hard, which isn't the best look for Captain Marvel, but then, given how drastic some of the New 52 costume redesigns have been—take Superman, for instance—I'm actually kind of relieved he doesn't look worse. The Spectre-style hood doesn't really work for the character, but I'm hoping Frank and all involved will realize that early on and Cap—er, Shaz (?) just opts to wear it down all the time.

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Jorell Rivera said...

The design itself looks alright. Is not too far from his classic look, but I'm really curious to see a clear, full body shot of it. This could be a decent relaunch in the hands of Johns and Frank. After all of the false starts the Shazam franchise has endured the last decade, what the characters need is a consistent hand guiding and building them. I just hope the story isnt TOO dark. I mean this revamp can't be any worse than Trials of Shazam, right?