Thursday, March 08, 2012


I have reviews of two first issues of two different comic book series in two different places today, which you can go read if you like.

At Las Vegas Weekly, you'll find a short review of Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra's The Manhattan Projects. Shorter version? It's pretty good. Hickman's script reminded me an awful lot of Warren Ellis' writing in this outing, with maybe a touch of Grant Morrison in some of the dialoguing. This is the first I've seen of Pitarra's art, and it's pretty great.

And over at Robot 6, you'll find my meandering thinking about the usage—and over usage—of analogue characters in superhero comics, inspired by the release of Grace Randolph and Russell Dauterman's new superhero version of Desperate Housewives, Supurbia. It's fun and, again, great art. I expect we'll be be talking about both Pitarra and Dauterman for years to come.

The above image, by the way, is from Supurbia, and yes, that's the Batman-inspired Night Fox caught...with his sidekick.

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