Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Meanwhile, at Robot 6 ...

Is it me, or does everything sound so much more dramatic in Spanish? I mean, I really enjoyed Invincible Iron Man, but I imagine El Invencible Hombre de Hierro would have been much, much more dramatic.

So as you may have noticed, the presence of new content on EDILW the last week or so has been far from daily-ish (which is, of course, my goal), and the reason why is that I've been contributing a series of articles about Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca's five-year, 60-issue run on Invincible Iron Man to Robot 6.

If that's something you're interested in reading, and for some reason you've missed it (You do know you really should read Robot 6 every day if you're interested in comics at all, right?), here are all of the entries:

*Re-reading 'Invincible Iron Man,' Part 1: What's so great about 'Invincible Iron Man'?

*Part 2: 'Five Nightmares' to 'Stark: Disassembled'

*Part 3: 'Stark Resilient' and 'My Monsters'

*Part 4: 'Unfixable' and 'Fear Itself'

*Part 5: 'Demon' to 'The Future'

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