Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My favorite part of Showcase Presents: Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld so far...?

The look on her pegasus' face on the cover.

Don't get me wrong, the contents that I've read so far—the preview from Legion of Super-Heroes and the first two issues—have been pretty great, with the black and white format really flattering artist Ernie Colon's line-work and design (even if draining the art of color makes some of the more detailed panels less textured and harder to read thanks to all the statuary and incidental animals and anthropomorphic fauna crowding some of them).

But I haven't encountered anything quite as funny as the contrasting expressions of the happy, excited Amethyst gesturing proudly at her own logo and the embarrassed, slightly mortified look of her poor steed, who can't believe she's making him wear all that bling and go out in public with a braided tail and fake unicorn horn on.

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