Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wednesday Comics vs. The New 52: Hawkman

Winged Wonder Hawkman fights sky-based crimes like airplane hijackings with his Thanagarnian wings and the help of his feathered friends...and fights unforeseen adversaries like alien invaders and a Tyrannosaurus Rex with the his big-ass mace and the help of any fellow Justice Leaguers who aren't too busy to lend a hand. By Kyle Baker.

Archaeologist Dr. Carter Hall specializes in deciphering lost languages and exploring ancient ruins, and his latest unleash a deadly alien plague and unlock his destiny as the new, savage Hawkman. By Tony S. Daniel and Philip Tan.


Akilles said...

DAMN that Baker drawing is spectacular.

SallyP said...

I was just going to say the same thing. The Wednesday Comics version of Hawkman was great...and that is a lovely lovely drawing.

Anonymous said...

Of the HM instalments by Baker I read, I quite liked the old school pulp quality. It completely fit my fave interpretation of the character-- the crypt-plundering original.

But: the obvious CG component made my reading experience awkward. It was almost Gantz-esque, how elements didn't quite jibe physically because they all had varying degrees of photorealistic detail in varying resolutions.

This is something my eyes have butted up against from time to time with Baker-- bits of 'You Are Here', some of 'Nat Turner'. I wholeheartedly love his work and have nothing against him using his toolchest to its fullest, but from time to time my brain goes *kerclunk* against the style.

Same thing happens when I read McKean. Maybe I'm just turning into a fogey?