Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Wednesday Comics vs. The New 52: Catwoman and The Demon

The disguised witch Morgaine le Fay hires super-thief Catwoman to steal a powerful artifact from handsome occult collector Jason Blood which will allow her to commit great evil; when Catwoman discovers she's been duped, she teams up with Blood and Blood's demonic alter-ego Etrigan to save the day. By Walter Simonson and Brian Stelfreeze.

Gotham City cat-burglar Selina Kyle has been targeted by unknown antagonists who want her dead badly enough to blow up her apartment—before she can get to the bottom of that mystery, however, she has Russian mobsters to steal from, revenge to be taken and Batmen to bang. By Judd Winick and Guillem March.


The demon leads a sort of medieval Justice League consisting of such characters as Shining Knight II, Madame Xanadu and Vandal Savage in the Dark Ages of the New 52iverse. By Paul Cornell, Diogenes Neves and Oclair Albert.


Anonymous said...

The Catwoman cover is lovely, purely in terms of penmanship-- but is Selina really pouring diamonds onto her bosom? :/

I've always had a soft spot of Etrigan, but damn if that ain't hands-down the ugliest rendition I've ever seen.

Caleb said...

To be fair, the artist who drew that "Demon Knights" cover was Tony Daniel, master of "hands-down the ugliest rendition" of various DC superheroes, so the interiors shouldn't look much like it.

Daniel, meanwhile, is the new artist on ACTION COMICS, for some reason that makes no sense.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

@Rev'd, the idea behind the Catwoman cover was her having a "pearl necklace" and you can up it to X-rated to figure out what and how the "pearls" end up on her stomach and boobs.

I bought the first few issue of DK and really liked it. But, as with most of the new 52, I decided it was I would wait for the trade. It is a great book, but I would sometimes find myself forgetting what went on in the previous issue.

I'm not buying SUPERMAN, and I'm fairly certain I'm dropping ACTION after Morrison leaves.

Anonymous said...


Oh, I got it. It was as obvious as Selina's cleavage. Hence my mystification. Wasn't DC trying to amend things for an all-ages, cross-gender appeal with their reboot?

Look, I love cheesecake. I have my fair share of shelfworthy smut. But, as Caleb points out in today's post, DC has few if any standards as a publisher anymore. Busoms spattered with blood, or slime, or diamonds-- it's all the same, given the general editorial stance on their books. These folks might as well be Avatar or Broadsword Comics, except for the fact that they won't -admit- that they're pandering. And that's the disgusting thing.

I *like* the Catwoman cover. I dislike that they're claiming to be interested in courting female readers, or kids, given the way they kitchen sink the content of their books. DC needs to choose between having their cheesecake and demanding the largest market slice. You want girls, or women, to read Catwoman, you don't put male-targeted pinup art on the cover. It's disingenuous.