Monday, September 08, 2008

Some of Celina Hernandez's Super Girls...

After reading Reignbow and Dee-Va (the subject of the previous post) but before writing about it, I spent some time looking at artist Celina Hernandez's artwork in her MySpace gallery. You can go click around there yourself if you like; there's some pretty fun art there, including these cute little versions of the title characters of her comic.

If you don't want to take the trouble of doing that whole extra click to get there though, I thought I'd highlight a few of her drawings of some super-ladies here.


Here's that one X-lady from the Bad Days of the X-Men, the one who was a ninja who didn't wear pants, and was maybe a psychic, who also had a laser dagger sword thing because why not, and her name and costume and powers had nothing at all to do with each other and was therefore a terrible idea of a superhero.

I'm not a fan of this X-person...what's her name...Psylocke.

Anyway, I like the stripped down simplicity of her here, and I once read an awful Death's Head comic where this X-person was so anatomically improbable I couldn't believe it saw print; she was all pelvis. Usually artists explode the breasts or legs, but she was just a giant pelvis with limbs hanging from it. Gah. Here, her pelvis is clearly only part of her body.

And also, she has a pretty ribbon.

Here's Power Girl. It's kinda neat to see such a simplified, two-dimensional version of the character, but beyond that, I don't really care for this one too much. It's still better than some of the images of Power Girl that DC has paid artists a lot of money to put on terrible, terrible covers though.

Here we have a Wonder Woman, and it's a very manga kinda Wonder Woman. I like the zig-zag posture—you can practically see a lightning bolt shape from her head to neck to torso to lower body. And the hip-to-thigh ratio is...intriguing. Does Wonder Woman have some wondrous quadracep muscles or...I don't know. But I kinda like this one.

And here's her She-Hulk. I like this one quite a lot. All of the proportions are pretty much perfect, in an Amazonian kind of way (right down to having big, powerful forearms for Popeye-like punching power and a crushing grip), it's super-simplified but detailed enough that with costume and coloring you know who it is, and it's manga-influenced without being manga derivative.

I also like the sketchy coloring, and the fact that you can still see the pencil marks Hernandez used as a guide. Those things would drive me crazy in a finished, sequential art comic book, but they look pretty cool in a single, static image like this.

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Sea-of-Green said...

Nice stuff. I wanna see more of what she does with the guys.