Monday, December 06, 2010

How Niece #1 sees me

The other day while waiting in a waiting room with me, a notebook and a pen, she drew the above page, pictures of Uncle Caleb going about his day.

Quite an uncanny likeness, really. I haven't shaved in a while, so I think the smile-shaped line in the middle is supposed to be my mouth, and the line over it my mustache and the scribble below it some sort of stubbly, beard-like growth.

Sometimes, when I smile, I look like a Muppet.

Uncle Caleb, reading a comic book.

Uncle Caleb, glasses pushed up on his forehead, trying to read a picture book to Niece #2, who is jumping on the bed instead of sitting still and listening like a good girl.

Uncle Caleb, taking a nap.

Hmm...reading, reading, napping...yeah, I guess she pretty much nailed me.

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