Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Apparently you have to not hoard comics to really appreciate this comic strip.

This happened again this past weekend, and once again the comic strip in question was an installment of Peanuts, which is now officially the most often cut-out-by-my-mother-and-left-for-me-to-find comic strip in the paper.

You can click on the strip to make it bigger and thus more readable, if you missed it when it re-ran in your local paper a few weeks ago. The joke is, of course, that Charlie Brown supposedly has a comically unlikely amount of used comic books for sale, and despite the exaggerated for comedy's sake amount, Rerun or whoever the kid on the right is doesn't think it's quite enough comics.

Of course, when I read the strip, not only did I not laugh at the situation, I thought to myself, Jeez, that's not really that many comic books, is it? That can't be more than two longboxes...well, maybe three tops.

And then I realized that I had many times more used comic books than Charlie Brown has for sale in that panel and, were I to pile them all up like that for a sale, they would not only fill the top of the panel, but probably spill far beyond its borders.

And then I wept softly.


MOCK! said...
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MOCK! said...

I hope you are weeping tears of joy....