Monday, January 31, 2011

The Amazing...Global Warming Denier?

Come on Pete, I thought you were a scientist, man. Were you really in the middle of confessing your disbelief in the gradual increase in the temperature of the earth's air and oceans over a sustained period of time, resulting in unpredictable weather phenomena, based simply on the fact that snow is cold rather than warm? I'm so disappointed in you right now.

(Detail from a panel in Marvel's Free Comic Book Day 2009 The Avengers, scripted by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Jim Cheung and Mark Morales)


Michael Buntag said...

Is this indicative of Bendis own views?

Siskoid said...

A pretty common comment actually, which is why it is better to use the term "climate change".

Caleb said...

Is this indicative of Bendis own views?

God, I hope not.

Of course, if anyone should understand that some things don't happen all at once, but rather must occur very slowly, over a period of a great deal of time, it would certainly be Brian Michael Bendis. (Ha ha! Zing!)

LiamKav said...

Can we have a rim shot? I think we can.