Friday, January 07, 2011

My favorite scene in Dark Horse's Mighty Samson #1,

by writer Jim Shooter and artist Patrick Olliffe: That's Samson as a baby, ripping the finger off of a bad guy who was pointing the finger at him and his mom.

Something about the scene seemed sorta familiar to me as I was laughing at it. Perhaps because unnaturally strong babies kicking a grown man's ass in some way is something I've no doubt seen in a lots of old cartoons, or perhaps because seeing a baby tear the finger off of a man, unleashing a geyser of blood is one of my deepest, darkest dreams, so seeing this unconscious desire brought to life before me released a wave of deja vu within me.

Having seen what a bad-ass the Mighty Samson was as a baby, I now can help but wonder: Who would win in a fight between baby Mighty Samson and Baby Namor, The Sub-Mariner?

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Kid Kyoto said...

Rick Veitch's Maximortal starts with a pretty grusome scene of Not Superbaby killing the Not Kents with playful abandon.

Maybe that?