Friday, September 02, 2011

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas...

Are you more likely to believe a man can fly if that man isn't wearing a yellow belt holding up a pair of red shorts over his blue tights, but is, instead, wearing a red belt with blue panties over his metal leg armor? And, more importantly, are you more willing to pay DC Comics $3-$9 a month to follow this man's monthly adventures in Justice League, Superman and Action Comics?

Also, look, you can see Superman's abdominal muscles through that costume! I can understand if it were spandex or whatever, but if it's made out of Kryptonian metal now, does that mean Superman has had abs molded into the chest plate of his new armor...?

You won't find the answers to any of these questions in this piece I wrote for Las Vegas Weekly, the Las Vegas-based weekly I contribute to.

What you will find is an overview of what DC's up to at the moment, what they hope to achieve and some thoughts on the endeavor.

Since almost all of you who read EDILW are somewhere between hip-deep and neck-deep in comics news, chances are there won't be a whole lot in the article you haven't read before, but go ahead and follow the link and give it a read anyway—I'm sure LVW would appreciate the sweet electronic gold of your page-views.

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