Friday, November 10, 2006

Elsewhere in the blogosphere

Gluttons for online comics criticism and commentary would do well to check out The Comic Glutton, a blog from a man who shares your appetites—Mr. Paul T. Semones. He does an excellent job keeping an eye on Marvel and DC’s recent advertising explosions, how late constantly late books actually are and two eyes on Hawkgirl’s hawk-bra.

I don’t know what I find more surprising about the hawk-bra discussion—that Hawkgirl has her logo on her bra, or that she even wears a bra, considering the way Howard Chaykin’s been drawing her breasts since he became the series regular artist (Oddly, you can see her nipples through her bra and top, but you can’t see them through just her bra. Must have something to do with the Thanagarian Nth metal underwire).

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PaulTiberius said...

Thanks for the plug, man!