Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Night Fights: Spoiling for a fight

So what are you doing tonight?

Me? Nothing much. Just, you know, this.

As for Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown...

they're busy training for their all-out assault on the offices of DC Comics, to exact vengeance upon the writers and editors whohave so mistreated them over the past few years.

(From 2002's Batgirl #28 by Kelley Puckett, Damion Scott and Robert Campanella, published by DC Comics.)


Anonymous said...

Great post, as always! Not as funny as the ice cream items, but still great!

Have to ask, who does the "Stargirl as Round Girl" artworks you have? Are you getting them from comics, or are you drawing them?

Just curious. Thanks!

Take it and run.

Caleb said...

Hey there, thanks for reading.

Re the Stargirl panels, no I wish I could draw that well. They're from a short story called "The Ropes" by Goyer, Robinson and David Ross that was in All Star Comics 80-Page Giant #1 (let's see...from 1999; the cover had a big picture of Hourman on the cover). It was Jack Knight and Ted Grant boxing/training and talking, with the Stargirl images breaking up the scenes. Seemed appropriate to steal for FNF.

I cited it the first two times I used it, and then stopped doing so. Too early, apparently.