Saturday, August 13, 2016

High five, Gene Luen Yang!

The Bat-Man of China, the country's answer to the Batman, drives not a Batmobile, but a BUV. BUV, naturally, stands for Bat Utility Vehicle.

While  have to assume the real Batman has an SUV or 10 in his Bat-Cave and another dozen in Bruce Wayne's above-ground garage, I don't think he's ever gone so far as to brand any of his sports utility vehicles as "Bat Utility Vehicles," so bravo to the Bat-Man of China (and, of course, writer Gene Luen Yang).

This is what the BUV looks like, as drawn by pencil artist Viktor Bogdanovic, inker Richar Friend and the colorist/s of Hi-Fi:
Both images are from the pages of New Super-Man #2, which remains as well-written and entertaining as the first issue was, but also remains rather poorly illustrated, especially when stacked up against pretty much everything else Yang has written before.

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