Friday, April 08, 2011

What the--is that Extrano?!

This is the cover of Flashpoint: Secret Seven #2, as revealed on DC's Source blog today: That's Amethyst, Princess of Gem World with the sword, and behind her that really Extrano? Because it looks an awful lot like Extrano.

This is Extrano, the controversial openly-gay bundle of gay stereotypes/Peruvian superhero sorcerer/New Guardian introduced in DC's 1988 Millennium miniseries: Flashpoint: Secret Seven is written by Peter Milligan, features pencil art by George Perez and, as was revealed on the first cover, will feature the Vertigo version of Shade, The Changing Man, in addition to Amethyst and, perhaps, Extrano.

Man, I'm really glad I pre-ordered this Flashpoint spin-off series...

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Randal said...

I...I think you're right, and it is good.