Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Hey party people, it's Charlie B"

If you're not addicted to ABC's Dancing With The Stars like, um, some comics bloggers I could name, then you may not have seen this year's commercial for the annual airing of 1966's It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, featuring a rapping Charlie Brown.

You are lucky.

You can see and hear it by clicking here (for now anyway; note you'll probably have to see a short ad before the ad for special).

Here are the lyrics:
Hey party people, it's Charlie B
Bringing Halloween Thursday to ABC
Raking leaves
and rolling on a pumpkin
trick or treat
then the party gets thumpin'
Lucy's getting bossy
Snoopy's feeling saucy
and things are getting crazy with my Peanuts posse
But where is Linus? This party's posh
He's waiting in the field for a mythical squash



Anthony Strand said...

Oh no!

"This party is posh"?

Dara said...

Holy crap, I thought it was the 80s again.