Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I know what you're thinking: "Gee Caleb, I sure do love listening to you ramble on endlessly about comics here at, as well as weekly in Las Vegas Weekly and Best Shots at, but I sure wish I could get still more of your opinions on comic books." That's what you're thinking, right? Well guess what? Now you can! Check out brand new comic book-related site Bam!Kapow! for updated-daily goodness.

I'll mostly be contributing reviews of DC and indy books there, and it will probably be the main venue for future creator interviews I do. Site editor Michael McDaniel will be handling Marvel reviews, and he keeps the site regularly updated with comics-related news and some interesting miscellanea(Like check out the production art from Tim Burton's still-born Superman Lives! movie, which eventually evolved into Bryan Singer's Superman Returns). So go ahead and bookmark the site, and check it out whenever your boss isn't standing right behind you at work.

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