Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Shipping delays make superheroes cry

"There, there Superman. Tell your friend Wonder Woman what's bothering you."

"It's just-- it's just that today's Wednesday, the day new comic books usually come out and I get to spend time with all my fans. And this week, there are no new comics today. Sniff!"

"It's okay, Superman, it's okay. It's just for the holiday. The people who work in the warehouses that store the comics and the shipping companies that get comics to shops every week deserve a day off to spend Christmas with their families too, right? And besides, it's only one day. There will be new comics on Thursday, just like on all the other holiday weeks throughout the year..."

"No! Not this time. This week, new comics don't come out until Friday! Sob!"

"R-really? A two-day delay? W-well at least it's only this one week, right? Right?"


Anonymous said...

I hope no one tells him about what Adam Kubert did to his title.

snell said...

You know, back in my day, Friday was new comics day every week...and we didn't have no 'grapic novels,' either. If you missed an issue, you were screwed!! We didn't have no consarned 'Hero Clix;' if we wanted to play with our action figures, we just had our imaginations!!! And none of these expensive comics, either...we have cheap comics printed on crappy paper, and we liked it!!

X-modem said...

Thanks for the laugh :-) It's good to know the superheroes are upset too!