Thursday, February 06, 2014


Sorry posting has been a bit lighter than usual this week, but I have a good excuse: I've been doing just as much writing-about-comics, I've just been doing it elsewhere. For example, I have reviews of the two latest Toon Books at Good Comics For Kids this week, newcomer Thereza Row's lovely Hearts and Lilli Carre's better-still The Night Parade.

At ComicsAlliance, I have an interview with cartoonist Michael DeForge about his excellent Ant Colony.

At Robot 6, I have a column featuring short-ish reviews of Batman: The Dark Knight Vol. 3: Mad, Empowered Vol. 8, Justice League Dark Vol. 3: The Death of Magic and X-Men: Battle of The Atom (In brief: Problematic, and I'll probably revisit here later in a format here at EDILW; good; bad; surprisingly, even shockingly good).

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